Found in culinary courses around the nation, Career Diary of some Caterer (Garth Gardner Co., December 2007), also features a 30-day-in-the-life, cursory look in the everyday ups and downs of owning a catering enterprise. Set in a journal format, each entry showcases adventures running Zen Kitchen tiling, including hints and techniques for managing your food service business, from pursuits which make a catering process successful and staffing and vendor snafus to difficult customers.

Offered by Barnes and Noble, Powells,, and several further friendly book-carrying establishments (for example the regional library!), Career Diary of a Caterer is ideal for culinary students, food fans, and anyone who dreams about leasing private events.

“Five stars! I strongly recommend Career Diary of a Caterer for those interested from the food service industry…”

“Jennifer Heigl’s Career Diary of a Caterer can be a thorough handbook outlining your day to day responsibilities of the often-challenging-but-always-rewarding real life of a caterer. A vital read for anyone considering the promotion, cooking, business, management, and fiscal skills necessary to begin his or her own endeavor.”
Courtney Febbroriello, Author of Wife of the Chef, Owner of Metro Bis Restaurant