BlackBerry Messenger, most commonly known by its short name BBM is a messaging application to sent text to friends over an internet connection. With Introducing to faster internet connectivity to your cell phones. Companies have now been able to produce application which can send and receive messages using Internet connection. This is made possible by giving the cell phone enough resources to run a messaging application like BBM. Messaging application require much faster and bigger processor and ram respectively.


BBM is the Official messaging app developed by BlackBerry (the phone maker). At first, it only allowed messaging between blackberry and blackberry phones. Now it allows to send messages to other smartphones too by Introducing the application on Google Play, Windows Phone Market and App Store.


It is monetized using an in-built shopping feature called BBM Shopping. This feature lets user buy products from online merchandise like Bukalapak products and has a nice payment option. There are several other features of it which can be employed by aleppous to get additional features which are not official and is a modification to the application.


BBM Has faced some opposition in eastern Asian Regions where it is finding it hard to compete against local made messaging applications like WeChat and Line. These application’s team developers engage in a political environment by bribing politicians to be their lobbyist. Lobbyists often accuse the foreign messaging apps of data and privacy theft which ultimately leads to a ban on that messaging app. These accusations are always false and a wrong way to promote local made apps.

It is also worth mentioning that BBM has a very unique way to let people find each other. Unlike other messaging apps people have to know other people’s Pins (BBM Pins) to add each other to their contact list. Traditionally, messaging apps use a search option bar to find friends and other people. This feature is very unique and is mostly considered an underrated feature. There is also plans to integrate cab booking system on the app it self to make it more economical for the company.

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