Make it relevant:

Make sure that people get to see your advertisements in the right space. But is also a means to earn the wrath of the consumers. This is not a going to be a great idea if you are a comparatively a smaller organization or a start-up. For example, people do not want to see your hosiery products appearing every now and then in a page where the consumers are looking for kitchenware. So make it appear relevant.


It doesn’t end with social media:

With the whole world marching behind social media, it sounds quite absurd to ask you not to place all your bucks on social media and gamble marketing with it. Social media is one among the spaces where you can help people understand what you are doing. There are a lot of other choices. Try to find them out.

Give customers are personalized experience:

As long as the transactions are fine, people are not concerned about who you are and where you are from. But once they face a grave experience they are going to make every possible step to get in touch with you. So create a platform where your customers can easily reach you. Give them a personalized experience.

Precise and prompt:

Promises are meant to keep up. So once you have promised your client with something, make sure that you act accordingly. Give them the right information of what is expected out of them and what you are capable of doing. Try to keep things simple and be punctual.

Try to make it a win-win:

As far as marketing is concerned there are only two winning options, either your client wins or both of you win. There is no way you are going to stay long in the market if you are focusing on your victory. So the best way is to arrive at a situation where both you and your consumers get an equal winning chance.

Give cross-promotion a try:

A lot of times cross promotions work better than straightforward marketing. Your partner in promotion need not have to be your friend. He can also be a rival with healthy thoughts. Strike a deal and get your marketing activities done. Again it is important that you take care of the ‘relevance issue.’

3D Business Models:

Make sure to design some really cool 3D models that give the product a realistic appearance. Consumers always love to see things that better represent the reality, and 3D technique is one among them.

Fix your target Market:

More than following a general pattern, it is better if you go more specific. So understand which is your target audience and then put your marketing strategies to display. By doing so, you are selling yourself better, and you are also reducing a lot of unnecessary costs. Find your target consumers and persuade them first and the rest of the people will automatically notice your presence.

Follow a unique pattern:

Every enterprise will have its own marketing strategy. Except for profit no two organization, big or small, work with the same motive. So the success strategy will differ from one person to the other. Find what suits you the best, be creative and then get to the field. When you become unpredictable, you cannot be easily defeated.

Reach the bigger platform:

Do not restrict yourself to the present position. Once you have made your stand strong, work to reach a larger number of consumers. This is going to be the last step as far as marketing is concerned. Maintain your consistency, so that you are always a part of the global race.


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Jennifer Heigl is a writer and entrepreneur originally from the Midwest. After graduating from Western Michigan University in the late 90s, Jennifer moved to the Pacific Northwest, honing her specialist abilities at a handful of dot coms at Seattle before settling to Stumptown (aka Portland).


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